OneilMMA is happy and excited to be hosting the staff and crew for The Irish Aaron Tassie Project, and all the sponsors and merch suppliers. Please feel free to follow the progress here and on Twitter & Facebook. Many thanks to all involved and we will have info on all those ppl and companies soon, and it will be our pleasure to bring you the products and apparel for your convenience. We are honored to be involved with the cause, and happy to work with a charity for child abuse and child welfare awareness. Thank you for stopping by, and the completed site will be up soon! Big thanks to Irish Aaron Tassie for being involved and allowing us to follow his progress

Oneil MMA is the proud home of Irish Aaron Tassie, Acomplished Multi-Title/Award winning Karate & Sports BJJ Practitioner. New Sponsors & info comming soon!

Great News!!!!!!!!!!


We have been invited to take part in a one of a kind project, that will follow me through training, weight cutting, interviews, podcasts and promotions, as i make the jump to new camps and MMA Promotions chasing the dream of every mixed martial artist! Stay in touch for more info!